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UNTOLD 2022: the festival is back with no restrictions.

The last edition of UNTOLD 2022 was great! After the last year’s edition [read my article on 'UNTOLD 2021], this year in the capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, many fans of the festival was back to dance and have fun without restrictions.

I discovered the Untold festival in 2019, when I was invited for the first time to join the press group. It was my first big festival, a crazy and unforgettable experience. I was literally immersed into a space that I did not even remotely imagine so large and well organized, every corner and every detail left me speechless.

I told about my first experience at the festival in another article [click here to read it] starting from "what is UNTOLD". If you've never heard about this festival I suggest you to start reading my first article.

Going on my Instagram account you'll find all the stories about untold saved. CLICK HERE


The seventh edition of UNTOLD was held from 4 to 7 August, and it was a blast!! This year the festival had numbers significantly higher than last year, with over 360,000 people coming from more than 100 countries from Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia to live memorable experiences and enjoy some of the best artists on the planet, to love and dance with friends and create new friendships.

Over 200 local and international artists have performed: Above & Beyond, Alok, Claptone, David Guetta, Don Diablo, G-Eazy, Hardwell, Kygo, Lost Frequencies, Major Lazer Soundsystem, Morten, Paul Kalkbrenner, Steve Aoki, Anne-Marie, J Balvin, Amelie Lens, Ann Clue, Boris Brejcha, Tale of Us, Stephan Bodzin, Sebastien Leger... and many others.

The festival covered an area of 235,000 square meters and was organized in several stages. This year were 8: MAINSTAGE, Galaxy stage, Alchemy stage, Daydreaming stage, Fortune stage, Time stage, Tram stage and Retro Fantasia.

Within the area there were over 70 sellers with all kind of food and drink , a fashion corner called Designers' Nest - with over 30 Romanian designers, makeup artists, hairstyles and tattoos, partner activations, Magical characters, entertainers and dancers who have created amazing shows around the park.

Like every year the festival had a theme. The theme of the 2022 edition was the Temple of Luna. The story is about a Wizard, the protector of the festival, who needs help to save the whole world: 5 orders (of the Griffin, Owl, Dragonfly, Deer and Firefly) have 5 artifacts that will help him in his search. But the Wizard will face 5 challenges to get all the help he needs.

Each order represents a series of values in which the fans of the festival identify themselves: the Griffin is constantly experimenting and open to the new, the Owl is oriented to the knowledge and acquisition of wisdom, The Dragonfly tries to live his life to the maximum of its potential, the Deer wants to connect to humans and the Firefly finds happiness in being surrounded by those who love it.

The 4 festival's day and the artists of this edition

The first day counted over 85.000 people.

Claptone hosted the opening ceremony of the UNTOLD Festival with a unique show. The fans received masks similar to the hidden identity of the German. Dancers, fairies, magical characters and walking artists joined the main stage and walked through the crowd in the Claptone show. It was a magical show with fireworks, special video projections and the presentation of the theme of the festival "Temple of Lúna".

Morten has shown his appreciation for UNTOLD, saying that for him Untold is not the 5st festival in the world, but it is definitely among the top 3.

Steve Aoki said he wants next year 30 cakes "because 10 are not enough" and presented on the stage his next single "The Whistle", made in collaboration with Timmy Trumpet.

The second day was memorable, with over 90.000 people.

One of the most awaited moments on the main stage was the live performance by American rapper G-Eazy: during his show the MAIN STAGE was full!!

German techno superstar Paul Kalkbrenner played for the first time on the main stage of the UNTOLD Festival. [the previous years he had always performed at the GALAXY stage]. Tens of thousands of fans sang the iconic production "Sky and Sand" and the audience looked like a sea of people. At the end of the show, Paul Kalkbrenner bowed to UNTOLD fans.

Spectacular was the moment of "crowd control" of Dimitri Vegas e Like Mike. In this UNTOLD Festival edition, they tried something new: a crowd control where the audience moved eight steps back and eight steps forward. " You are the largest audience in the world. We missed you so much!" said Dimitri Vegas.

The third day hosted even more UNTOLDERS, reaching over 95.000 fan.

One of the most awaited moments was the show of the Norwegian Kygo, who raised tens of thousands of hands in the air. The creator of the tropical house genre, for the second time at the UNTOLD Festival, has prepared an extraordinary live show, which has been enthusiastically welcomed by tens of thousands of fans around the world.

A complete artist who does magic with his piano, Kygo has created an universe of authentic emotions with songs included in his set. A lot of voices have come together to sing Kygo’s greatest hits in unison, and the main stage of UNTOLD has turned into an electrifying enchantment. Kygo ended his show by playing one of the most exciting songs of his discography, "Firestone", in front of the enthusiastic crowd at the piano and saying, "You’ve been an amazing audience. I love you so much!"

David Guetta was very excited to see fans from Romania again. The French dj and producer thanked them for their constant support and for remaining the same enthusiastic audience that fully lives the joy of dancing and singing.

the last day (4°) of UNTOLD Festival was lived by over 90,000 fans.

With impressive records and winner of 3 Latin Grammys, J Balvin is a global icon, an artist who has contributed in a unique way to promoting Latin culture like no one has ever done before. The Colombian artist joined for the first time at the UNTOLD Festival for a live show full of energy. "Romania is the first country outside the South American continent to invite me to sing. I am grateful for your support. For an artist, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon and you’ve made it so much easier. If you offer love, you get love in return. UNTOLD, thank you for your invitation to be part of this trip. I love you!" said J Balvin to fans of the Cluj-Arena, home of the main stage of the UNTOLD Festival.

Lost Frequencies, one of the most charismatic artists, was one of the best surprises offered by the creators of the UNTOLD Festival for the exciting seventh chapter of the magical event. The Belgian artist has declared every year his love for magic created by the UNTOLD Festival.

Lost Frequencies has prepared a unique concept show and an exclusive version of its classic "Are you with me". The closing ceremony prepared by the UNTOLD team was a show full of emotions, lights, fireworks, tears of joy, hugs and the message: "UNTOLD, are you with me?". It was a special moment that transformed the Cluj-Arena into an unique universe, the UNTOLD universe, capital of night and magic!

One of the most popular singers in the UK, ranked among the most viewed artists on YouTube, Anne-Marie held a live show for the first time in Romania. With an exceptional voice and an extraordinary talent, Anne-Marie sang along with the fans who came to see her show, and created with the crowd a beautiful connection through her songs.

The German Tujamo was the closing act of the seventh chapter UNTOLD. The DJ waited for the surise with his fans at the Cluj-Arena, who welcomed him with great enthusiasm.

Useful info

how to reach the festival?

The festival is held in Cluji Napoca, the capital of Transylvania. Cluji has its own small airport, so from Italy, but also from other states, the plane is the fastest choice.

Where to buy UNTOLD tickets?

ONLINE! Tickets for 2023 are already available (click qui per maggiori informazioni)

What's the ticket price?

There are different type of tickets. Starting from the basic one, to the VIP package, from the daily purchase, to the subscription for the 4 days of the festival.

Currently the price for the 4-day pass is 120€.

where to stay?

It is easy to find places to stay, the important thing is to it book in advance since during the festival the city is full of people coming from all over Romania and abroad. Cluji is a large university town, full of hotels and houses for rent. Just take a tour of the most popular websites to find affordable accommodation.


Follow @untoldfestival for all the news.

on my social profiles @martiiitram you can find the stories highlighted of the last edition of Untold (2022) and the last ones (2019-2021).

Let's see next year at UNTOLD 2023 :))

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