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who i am?

foto scattata sul lungomare di napoli, a figura intera

october 20, 1996. 

Based in Italy.  (Napoli-Salerno-Avellino)

Studying pianoforte, dance, architecture.

Interested in fashion, design, graphic, discovering new things and places.


why a blog?

Hi!! I'm Martina

My nickname on socials is @martiiitram.

Everytime people ask me: 'Marti ok, but... why TRAM?

uh... I've to say,  The choice of my nickname is not related to the word 'tram', but, it's a fortuity. U have should read 'marti itram', because 'itram' is 'marti' reverse. I wanted to create a palindrome, but reading it the attenction go actually on the world 'tram', I agree.

So I thought: why ignore the word tram?

Now this part of my nickname is giving me so many ideas, and I hope to be able to develop them as soon as possible. The tram is a trasportation, so always moving (like me as well), and, moreover, it is bi-directional (yes, just like me, I do a lot of different things, so in different directions) ... cool no?

Btw, starting from the beginning.

It was 2012 when the Instagram platform was recently created. No one was talking about it, but a friend of mine, passionate about photography, immediately showed me the app. It was the first version, just for iphone. I downloaded it and started to post photos. I posted about landscapes, flowers, shoes, ice creams, details, modifying them with instagram filters.

Than another friend of mine had recently bought a digital camera: we took some photos and this time I modified them with photoshop, at the beginning with the help of some tutorials. I started with modifying the brightness, the colors, the lighting effects. Enjoying it more and more, I finally decided to buy a digital camera. So I started taking pictures of me, of landscapes, and also photos to friends and sisters and with they're help.


It was funny to create strange edits (flying braids, hands with 20 fingers, reflections without a figure, photos of me suspended in the air or on the wing of a plane), and expecially these editings brought me the first comments on instagram. They asked me how to realize those effects, and they also began asking me about the brand of garments I was wearing in pics. So continuing shooting and posting photos, I also tagged the brand of the clothes I was wearing. Some photos were reposted by brands on their own profile , and this helped me to grow my audience (in particular the brandymelville and hollister reposts on their big pages).

At the beginning to grow your profile, there were also the SFS (a profile share your photo on its profile, mentioning u, in exchange of the same) ... a genuine follower exchange than the one of recent times (hahaha).


When I received the first collaboration request, I couldn't believe it: a brand wanted to send me some products for free, in exchange for some photos. Sounds cool!! Obviously I accepted, and many other collaborations followed: sunglasses and bracelets at first, then bikinis, headphones, masks, and clothing (the first request for clothing from SUBDUED, one of my favorite shops at that time !!). I liked the idea that with my photos I could 'do marketing', using photos to communicate something.

 This is why I continued  establish collaborations with many brands.

This is why October 2016 I decided to open this blog in my birthday.

This is why I hope to realize my projects and carry out many of them around the world.

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